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Star network
A network in which all stations are connected through a single point such as a hub.
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Star topology
(1) A method of cabling each telecommunications outlet/ connector directly to a cross-connect in a horizontal cabling subsystem. (2) A method of cabling each crossconnect to the main cross-connect in a backbone cabling subsystem. (3) A topology in which each outlet/connector is wired directly to the hub or distribution device.
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Static charge
An electrical charge that is bound to an object.
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Static load
Load such as tension or pressure that remains constant over time, such as the weight of a fiber-optic cable in a vertical run.
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A unique, addressable device on a network.
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Stay cord
A component of a cable, usually of high tensile strength, used to anchor the cable ends at their points of termination and keep any pull on the cable from being transferred to the electrical conductors.
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Step index fiber
An optical fiber cable, usually multimode, that has a uniform refractive index in the core with a sharp decrease in index at the core/cladding interface. The light is reflected down the path of the fiber rather than refracted as in graded-index fibers. Step-index multimode fibers generally have lower bandwidths than graded-index multimode fibers.
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Step insulated
A process of applying insulation to a cable in two layers. Typically used in shielded networking cables so that the outer layer of insulation can be removed and the remaining conductor and insulation can be terminated in a connector.
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Step-index single-mode fiber
A fiber with a small core that is capable of carrying light in only one mode. Sometimes referred to as single-mode optical fiber cable.
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Stimulated emission
The process in which a photon interacting with an electron triggers the emission of a second photon with the same phase and direction as the first. Stimulated emission is the basis of a laser.
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The process of terminating multiconductor cables on a punch-down block such as a 66-block or 110-block.
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STP Shielded twisted pair

A type of twisted-pair cable in which the pairs are enclosed in an outer braided shield, although individual pairs may also be shielded. STP most often refers to the 150 ohm IBM Type 1, 2, 6, 8, and 9 cables used with Token Ring networks. Unlike UTP cabling, the pairs in STP cable have an individual shield, and the individual shielded cables are wrapped in an overall shield. The primary advantages of STP cable are that it has less attenuation at higher frequencies and is less susceptible to EMI. Since the advent of standards-based structured wiring, STP cable is rarely used in the United States.

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Refers to the enhanced IBM Cabling System specifications with the Type A suffix. The enhanced Type 1A, 2A, 6A, and 9A cable specifications were designed to support operation of 100Mbps FDDI signals over copper. See Type 1A, Type 2A, Type 6A, or Type 9A.
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Straight Connector

Refers to a connector that is configured inline rather than right angled.

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Straight Through

Straight-through—Refers to a cable assembly where the pin out (connections) are the same at both ends of the lead.
I.e Pin 1 to Pin 1
Pin 2 to Pin 2 and so on

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