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OneLoop Fibre Management


Fibre Management and Defence system

OneLoop is a size adjustable fibre cable defence system that guards against poor installation practices protecting your precious fibre against micro-bend and fracture induced losses

Electrical Enclosures

Hughes Electrical Enclosures and Power distribution Units are designed for durability, cost-efficacy and exceptional performance.

Fabricated from tough UV resistant Polycarbonates, all Hughes Electrical Enclosures are non-corrodible, lightweight and designed to deliver the power you need where you need it and when you need it.

ZonaEQ unites diverse DC

Equalise differing cable sizes to provide Network interface

ZonaEQ, from Hughes Electronics, is a DC step-down enclosure designed to provide 35mm² cable input with a 6mm² cable output. Served by Hughes’ unique Bastion connector complete with ‘power on’ LED and additionally equipped with Hughes unique external earth connection, ZonaEq reduces DC cable size and provides a functional earth for any equipment on the structure.

Bastion Power Connector

Hughes DC innovation changes the power game.

Bastion space saver DC connections boast built-in 40A fused over current protection and smart ‘power on’ LEDs. Hughes’ latch to lock feature creates a guaranteed instant, secure and repeatable connection every single time, up to a maximum power of 80A. All these incredible features come in only the size of a mini MilkyWay bar and perhaps best of all, Bastion DC cables can quickly be hand-assembled on-site – no tools required!

OptiMod - Award Winning Fibre Optic and DC power cabling

Connect, Latch and Go!

OptiMod is Hughes Electronics' advanced Fibre Optic and DC power cabling concept for cellular networks.

OptiMod is the latest improvement in fibre cabling technology. Designed specifically to handle the rigours of the cellular telephone industry, OptiMod is a robust yet incredibly agile system of interconnecting fibre and DC power passive transmission media. OptiMod delivers high-performance connections for hybrid, separate (DC and Fibre) or mixed cabling layout requirements in the harshest environments that Cellular Telecoms has to offer.

AISG RET Control Cables

Tight Spots? No Sweat for Hughes RETs

Hughes RET control cables are compatible with Antennae Interface Standard Group (AISG) requirements and designed especially for harsh and confined cellular telecom environs.

X10 (NEX10™), 4.3-10, 7/16, N-type, 2.2-5 and SMA Torque Wrenches

Hughes break-over torque wrenches are designed to minimise impairment to connections by ensuring accurate mating forces are delivered to transition points when mating RF coaxial connectors.

The unique break-over feature triggers free movement through a 10-degree non-torqueing arc, at the axis of the tool movement to indicate to that desired torque has been reached and assure users of a first-class connection free of over-torque damage.