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Cable who’s conductor is made up of multiple strands of copper

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Strength member
The part of a fiber-optic cable composed of Kevlar aramid yarn, steel strands, or fiberglass filaments that increases the tensile strength of the cable.
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Structured cabling system
Telecommunications cabling that is organized into a hierarchy of wiring termination and interconnection structures. The concept of structured wiring is used in the common standards from the TIA and EIA. See Chapter 1 for more information on structured cabling and Chapter 2 for more information on structured cabling standards.
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Stud cavity
A type of frame used in building construction.
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Sub Band

A frequency range covering a single UK operator’s frequency allocation for given technology 900 / 1800 / 2100. Operators Sub Band

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Submarine cable
A cable designed to be laid underwater.
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Subminiature D-connector
The subminiature D-connector is a family of multipin data connectors available in 9-, 15-, 25- and 37-pin configurations. Sometimes referred to as DB9, DB15, DB25, and DB37 connectors, respectively.
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Subnet mask
Subnet masks consist of 32 bits, usually a block of 1s followed by a block of 0s. The last block of 0s designate that part as being the host identifier. This allows a classful network to be broken down into subnets.
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A network that is part of another network. The connection is made through a router.
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A cable that carries several video channels between the facilities of a cable television company.
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Surface-emitting LED
An LED in which incoherent light is emitted at all points along the pn junction.
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Surface-mount box
A telecommunications outlet that is placed in front of the wall or pole.
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Surface-mount panel
A panel for electrical or data communications connections placed on a wall or pole.
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A rapid rise in current or voltage, usually followed by a fall back to a normal level. Also referred to as a transient.
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Surge protector
A device that contains a special electronic circuit that monitors the incoming voltage level and then trips a circuit breaker when an over-voltage reaches a certain level, called the over-voltage threshold.
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