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Short wavelength
In reference to light, a wavelength shorter than 1000nm.
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SI units
The standard international system of metric units.
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The information conveyed through a communication system.
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Signal encoding
The process whereby a protocol at the Physical layer receives information from the upper layers and translates all the data into signals that can be transmitted on a transmission medium.
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Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR or S/N)
The ratio of received signal level to received noise level, expressed in decibels and abbreviated SNR or S/N. A higher SNR ratio indicates better channel performance. The relationship between the usable intended signal and the extraneous noise present. If the SNR limit is exceeded, the signal transmitted will be unusable.
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The process of transmitting data across the medium. Types of signaling include digital and analog, baseband and broadband.
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Silica glass
Glass made mostly of silicon dioxide used in conventional optical glass that is used commonly in optical fiber cables.
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A General Electric trademark for a material made from silicon and oxygen. Can be in thermosetting elastomer or liquid form. The thermosetting elastomer form is noted for high heat resistance.
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Silver satin cable
The silver-gray voice-grade patch cable used to connect a telephone to a wall jack such as that used by home telephones. Silver satin cables are unsuitable for use in LAN applications because they do not have twisted pairs, and this results in high levels of crosstalk and capacitance.
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(1) A link that can only carry a signal in one direction. (2) A fiber-optic cable or cord carrying a single fiber. Simplex cordage is mainly used for patch cords and temporary installations.
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Simplex cable
A term sometimes used to describe a single-fiber cable.
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Simplex transmission
Data transmission over a circuit capable of transmitting in only one direction.
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Single polarization fibers
Optical fibers capable of carrying light in only one polarization.
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Single polarization fibers
Optical fibers capable of carrying light in only one polarization.
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Single-board computer
A circuit board containing the components needed for a computer that performs a prescribed task. A singleboard computer is often the basis of a larger piece of equipment that contains it.
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