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Single-ended line
An unbalanced circuit or transmission line, such as a coaxial cable (see also balanced line and unbalanced line).
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Single-frequency laser
A laser that emits a range of wavelengths small enough to be considered a single frequency.
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A process in optical fiber manufacturing in which the soot created by heating silicon dioxide is compressed into glass to make the fiber preform.
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A signal that varies over time in proportion to the sine of an angle. Alternating current (AC) is sinusoidal.
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Site and project document repository on ADCBuild.

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Skew ray
A light ray that does not intersect the fiber axis and generally enters the fiber at a very high angle.
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Skin effect
The tendency of alternating current to travel on the surface of a conductor as the frequency increases.
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SLED Surface light emitting diode

A light-emitting diode (LED) that emits light from its flat surface rather than its side. These are simple and inexpensive and provide emission spread over a wide range.

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SMA, Sub miniature Version A - Small Coaxial connector, with a threaded interface connection.

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SMA Surface mount assembly connector

An optical fiber cable connector that is a threaded type connector. The SMA 905 version is a straight ferrule design, whereas the SMA 906 is a stepped ferrule design.

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SMB, Sub miniature Version B – Coaxial connector, the second design to SMA. However smaller than the SMA with a snap on connection performance to 4GHz

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SMC, Sub miniature Version C – Coaxial connector, the third design to SMA. Threaded 10-32 interface connection however allows a 10GHz performance.

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SMF Single-mode fiber

Optical-fiber cable with a small core, usually between two and nine microns, which can support only one wavelength. It requires a laser source for the input because the acceptance cone is so small. The small core radius approaches the wavelength of the source. Singlemode optical-fiber cable is typically used for backbones and to transmit data over long distances.

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Snap Fit

Also known as Retro Fit.
Snap fit refers to a type of hood or boot with two sides that snap together over the connector to protect the pin connections.

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Sneak current
A low-level current that is of insufficient strength to trigger electrical surge protectors and thus may be able to pass between these protectors undetected. The sneak current may result from contact between communications lines and AC power circuits or from power induction. This current can cause equipment damage unless secondary protection is used.
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