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SOA Semiconductor optical amplifier

A laser diode with optical fibers at each end instead of mirrors. The light from the optical fiber at either end is amplified by the diode and transmitted from the opposite end.

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Also Known as Female, Receptacle or Jack

Where the plug is used in an adaptor configuration ie plug to socket our search term is M. Conversely a socket is F. Eg M-F


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Solar cell
A device used to convert light energy into electrical current.
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Solder Contact

Solder Contact, - Also known as Solder Cup, Solder Bucket.
A type of contact which on the termination side of the contact is shaped like a bucket or a cup in order that a small amount of solder may be dropped and soldered to the wire.

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Cable who’s conductor is made up of 1 solid strand of copper

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Solid-state laser
A laser whose active medium is a glass or crystal.
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A special type of light pulse used in fiber-optic communications in combination with optical amplifiers to help carry a signal longer distances.
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SONET Synchronous Optical Network

The underlying architecture in most systems, which uses cells of fixed length.

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In fiber optics, the device that converts the information carried by an electrical signal to an optical signal for transmission over an optical fiber. A fiber-optic source may be a light-emitting diode or laser diode.
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Source address
The address of the station that sent a packet, usually found in the source area of a packet header. In the case of LAN technologies such as Ethernet and Token Ring, the source address is the MAC (media access control) address of the sending host.
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Spectral bandwidth
(1) The difference between wavelengths at which the radiant intensity of illumination is half its peak intensity. (2) Radiance per unit wavelength interval.
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Spectral width
A measure of the extent of a spectrum. The range of wavelengths within a light source. For a source, the width of wavelengths contained in the output at one half of the wavelength of peak power. Typical spectral widths are between 20nm and 170nm for an LED and between 1nm and 5nm for a laser diode.
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Frequencies that exist in a continuous range and have a common characteristic. A spectrum may be inclusive of many spectrums; the electromagnetic radiation spectrum includes the light spectrum, the radio spectrum, and the infrared spectrum.
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Speed of light (c)
In a vacuum, light travels 299,800,000 meters per second. This is used as a reference for calculating the index of refraction.
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SPID Service profile identifier

The ISDN identification number issued by the phone company that identifies the ISDN terminal equipment attached to an ISDN line.

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