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For a fiber-optic receiver, the minimum optical power required to achieve a specified level of performance, such as BER.
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Pertaining to wire and cable, a layer of insulating material such as textile, paper, or Mylar, which is placed between a conductor and its dielectric, between a cable jacket and the components it covers, or between various components of a multiple conductor cable. It can be utilized to improve stripping qualities or flexibility, or it can offer additional mechanical or electrical protection to the components it separates.
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Sequential markings
Markings on the outside of a fiber-optic cable to aid in measuring the length of the cable.
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Series wiring
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Service loop
A loop or slack left in a cable when the cable is installed and terminated. This loop allows future trimming of the cable or movement of equipment if necessary.
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SFF Small form factor connector

A type of optical fiber connector that is designed to take up less physical space than a standard-sized connector. An SFF connector provides support for two strands of optical fiber in a connector enclosure that is similar to an RJ-45. There is currently no standard for SFF connectors; types include the LC and the MT-RJ connectors.

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Foil and braid screened (SHIELDED) twisted pair

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An outer protective layer of a fiber-optic or copper cable that includes the cable jacket, strength members, and shielding.
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A metallic foil or multiwire screen mesh that is used to reduce electromagnetic fields from penetrating or exiting a transmission cable. Also referred to as a screen.
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Shield coverage
The physical area of a cable that is actually covered by shielding material, often expressed as a percentage.
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Shield effectiveness
The relative ability of a shield to screen out undesirable interference. Frequently confused with the term shield coverage.
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Shielded Cable

Shielded Cable – Also referred as screened cable
In reference to CAT5 or CAT6 cable. May also be known as FTP (Foil twisted pair) or STP (Shielded twisted pair), SFTP (Foil and braid screened twisted pair).
The shield is used to block the transmission or reception of external electrical noise.

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Shielded Connectors

Shielded Connector – A connector with a metallic shield that covers most of the exposed housing. The shield is used to block the transmission or reception of external electrical noise.

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Shielded Hood

Also known as Metal Hood, Die Cast Hood.
Shielded Hoods - In reference to hoods Shielded will refer to a Metal Hood or casing instead of a raw plastic material.
Shielded hoods can be Metal die cast or chromed plastic.

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Short Screw

Short Screw
Telco connectors and D Type hoods among other equipment are usually supplied with screws to enable the installer to secure the heavy lead without it slipping or being knocked out of place.
The installer may require Long or Short screws depending on the space they have available. (see Long Screw)

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