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Welcome News - June 2013

It’s been three months since our last post under this section of our news, that’s because we have been upgrading our Web platform.

Just because there have been no posts doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy and making new friends or that we don’t want greet them and let them know just how much we appreciate them.

Innovation with a twist

Congratulations to Alan Ciwan the winner of Hughes Electronics' latest innovation prize.

Alan’s innovation is a device designed to speed up the process of untwisting pairs in multi-pair communication cables. The device which fits any electric screwdriver or drill bit saves hours of processing time in an otherwise labor intensive process.

Passive InterModulation (PIM) in Cellular Networks

Passive InterModulation (PIM) in Cellular Networks.

Passive InterModulation (PIM) in Cellular Networks describes the mathematical interference incurred when multiple desired communication signals result in a family of undesired signals and disturbances at high frequencies and power ratings - specifically in the ~20GHz and up to 200W ranges of operation, although also affecting lower (typically ~2GHz~/20W) regions.

Welcome News

This month’s new members of our growing family

Each month we welcome new clients to our family - this month is no different and Hughes Electronics would like to say a warm welcome to Prism Ltd. based in Hertfordshire UK, S.I.S of Kent UK and Tektronix Communications of Dallas, Texas, USA.

Above and Beyond the call of Duty

Wendy He, Hughes' Commercial Manager in China endures a 3 day quality marathon.

In a perfect world everything would run like clockwork - trains, boats and aeroplanes would arrive and leave on time, communications would never go awry, machines would never malfunction, companies would receive all their products on a Just In Time basis and all would be right with the world.