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Hats off to the Caps!

Hidden PIM source discovered

Invention makes previously invisible source of PIM clearly visible.

Latest Research by Hughes Electronics and London Southbank University, a strategic alliance formed exclusively to investigate and mitigate sources of PIM in cellular networks, has found that humidity can make a significant contribution to PIM.

EU Referendum

Has the In /Out decision really come down to the issue of roaming charges?

Surely the result on the 23rd cannot come down to anything so trivial as the cost of roaming charges, but says David Cameron, charges will rise if we leave the E.U. Will that really happen? Or is it more rhetoric and scaremongering?

Hats off to antennas

Hughes Electronics extend their range of Cellular products to internal and external antennas in the 698-960 and 1700-2700 frequency range.

The new range of internal Top and Mexican hat antennas along with external flat panels are aimed at the fledgling SIM based wireless business systems market such as Vodafone OneNet and the soon to be announced BT OnePhone.

Cables to go?

Quarter one sees an increased demand for Hughes Electronics rapid response production facility in central London.

Originally set up for small-volume last-minute requirements, the rapid response unit has become increasingly in demand to satisfy clients’ early delivery requirements for volume contracts, necessitating the addition of two new staff to our team.

Hitting the Hot-spot!

Hughes introduce a brand new range of antennas and associated products for wireless networks in the second quarter of 2014.

Hughes Electronics new range of antennas, power and frequency splitters, attenuators and jumper leads are aimed at the Wireless indoor LAN (WLAN) or Enterprise Wireless Network Market particularly the Indoor Wireless Telephony market.

Hughes rewrite the rules on PIM

Stunned observers witness -183dBc test results on a 1 metre Jumper lead.

Hughes’ continuous development of Ultra Low PIM connectors yields another brilliant result in the battle against PIM in Cellular Networks.