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Hughes Flexicore DC cable

Another Problem Solved!

Flexicore DC cable for Fibre applications

Developed primarily for fibre to the masthead applications Hughes Electronics Flexicore is a hybrid armoured DC cable designed for external applications such as cellular telecom base stations. Hughes Flexicore DC cable incorporates flexible inner cores for convenience and manageability in the field whilst retaining the rigidity and protection of armoured cable.

DC blocks

Unwanted DC abated

Hughes latest DC Blocking connectors prevent the flow of direct current (DC) and low frequency current surges up to 3000V along the inner and outer conductor of transmission lines while permitting unrestricted flow of RF signals.

High performance DC Blocking with Unrestricted RF Signal Flow

Hughes award

A Beacon of Success

Hughes provided the highest rating

In their 2016 analysis of industry companies, Plimsoll have provided Hughes Electronics with the highest rating. Hughes were rated ‘A Beacon of Success’ in a report that shows 113 companies in financial danger and 103 companies carrying more debt.

Dust Caps

Hughes Electronics advanced Ingress excluding cover for 7/16 connectors

Hughes Electronics advanced Ingress excluding cover for 7/16 connectors is an IP68 rated cap with a built in humidity indicator to alert implementers to the presence of humidity.

New standards set for 7/16 connector

The ubiquitous 7/16 connector standard

The ubiquitous 7/16 connector standard, so often criticised by Hughes Electronics, which resulted in generations of ill fitting, poor quality connections and a great deal of the Passive Inter-Modulation in cellular networks has recently had a change of fortunes in the shape of the S7/16 standard.

Hughes ‘Keeping It Clean Can Prevent PIM'

Hughes ‘Keeping It Clean Can Prevent PIM’ campaign has hit the right spot with leading network technical gurus and specifiers

Currently being specified as product of choice by Vodafone and Mosaic the 7/16 style caps have become so popular that Hughes are now to make them available to fit 4.3/10 connectors too.

Uni-Fit Pro - One size fits all!

A 7/16 DIN connector for all cables!

Gone for good is the rigging professionals’ age old problem of carrying several feeder connectors to terminate different types of cable in the field, the Uni-Fit Pro fits all cable types and is the only 7/16 DIN style feeder connector the consummate professional needs in his toolbox.

Mini-WaveWay to become available

The first connector ever designed to reduce PIM

The WaveWay, is now to be made available in a 4.3/10 interface configuration.To satisfy the burgeoning requirement for space in antennae connection areas as providers demand more and more consolidation (Antennae), manufacturers are increasingly turning to the 4.3/10 connector to gain a space advantage over the 7/16 DIN connector.