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Hughes ‘Keeping It Clean Can Prevent PIM'

Hughes ‘Keeping It Clean Can Prevent PIM’ campaign has hit the right spot with leading network technical gurus and specifiers

Currently being specified as product of choice by Vodafone and Mosaic the 7/16 style caps have become so popular that Hughes are now to make them available to fit 4.3/10 connectors too.

Uni-Fit Pro - One size fits all!

A 7/16 DIN connector for all cables!

Gone for good is the rigging professionals’ age old problem of carrying several feeder connectors to terminate different types of cable in the field, the Uni-Fit Pro fits all cable types and is the only 7/16 DIN style feeder connector the consummate professional needs in his toolbox.

Mini-WaveWay to become available

The first connector ever designed to reduce PIM

The WaveWay, is now to be made available in a 4.3/10 interface configuration.To satisfy the burgeoning requirement for space in antennae connection areas as providers demand more and more consolidation (Antennae), manufacturers are increasingly turning to the 4.3/10 connector to gain a space advantage over the 7/16 DIN connector.

Improved Design Ruggedized RET Leads Preferred

Hughes ruggedized Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) control cables especially designed for the challenges of modern day base station design are finding favour with Network Operators.

Vodafone and other network providers have now joined the ranks of supporters and patrons of Hughes RET cables for harsh environments and as companies discover their benefits more and more are evaluating them .Joe Drinkwater, account executive with Hughes explained “more and more cables seem to populate today’s poles so cables have to take ever more torturous routes with tighter bending radius’ that place higher stresses on and play havoc with mechanical connection points and ingress resistance.

Hughes You Tube channel a success

Hughes infant YouTube channel launched only 3 weeks ago has exceeded all expectations.

The channel launched primarily to provide information and implementation instructions on Hughes products and has only 3 videos posted so far, but 4 more videos planned, so it is time to subscribe.


Research discovers heat is a major source of PIM.

Temperature and cross channel conduction, say researchers in the Hughes/London Southbank University collaborative research team, have critical effects on PIM. An influential White Paper due for general release by the team confirms the effect of temperature on metal connectors can add up to 10 DBC of PIM in the 3rd harmonic and that the phenomenon worsens through heat cycling (night/day conditions).

Hughes Lift Another Two Awards!

The judges have made their decision and announced that Hughes Electronics have won the:


Catergoy: Best Connector & Cable Services Company 2016

Category: Best Europian Passive Communication Product Manufacturers 2016