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Multi Radio Combiner - combines the 3G H3G and T-Mobile sub bands onto a common feeder / antenna system. (supplied by Nokia)

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MRC Jumper

Jumper running from the MRC toward the main feeder or 2G/3G diplexor

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MT-RJ connector
A duplex fiber-optic connector that looks similar to the RJ-45-type connector.
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Multifiber jumpers
Used to interconnect fiber-optic patch panels from point to point.
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An application that communicates to more than one of the human sensory receptors such as audio and video components.
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Transmission of multiple modes of light. See also mode.
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Multimode distortion
The signal distortion in an optical waveguide resulting from the superposition of modes with differing delays.
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Multimode fiber
Optical-fiber cable whose core is between 8 and 200 microns with a refractive index that is graded or stepped; multimode fiber has a core diameter large enough to allow light to take more than one possible path through it. It allows the use of inexpensive LED light sources, and connector alignment and coupling is less critical than with single-mode fiber. Distances of transmission and transmission bandwidth are less than with singlemode fiber due to dispersion. The ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B standard recognizes the use of 62.5/125-micron and 50/125-micron multimode fiber for horizontal cabling.
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Multimode laser
A laser that produces emissions in two or more longitudinal modes.
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Multiple reflection noise (MRN)
The noise at the receiver caused by the interface of delayed signals from two or more reflection points in an optical fiber span.
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The combination of two or more signals to be transmitted along a single communications channel.
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A device that combines two or more discrete signals into a single output. Many types of multiplexing exist, including time-division multiplexing and wavelengthdivision multiplexing.
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Transmitting multiple data channels in the same signal.
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Multipoint RF network
An RF network where the RF transmitters can access more than one receiver.
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Multistation access unit (MAU or MSAU)
Used in Token Ring LANs, a wiring concentrator that allows terminals, PCs, printers, and other devices to be connected in a star-based configuration to Token Ring LANs. MAU hardware can be either active or passive and is not considered to be part of the cabling infrastructure.
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