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Metropolitan area network (MAN)
An interconnected group of local area networks (LANs) that encompasses an entire city or metropolitan area.
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Mast Head Amplifier - For ease “MHA” will be used when refereeing generically to all LNA (Low Noise Amplifiers) also referred to as TMA, ASC etc. This active DC powered device amplifies the uplink / receive signal as
near as possible to the antenna.

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MHA Jumper

Feeder cable between MHA towards the main feeder

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MIC Media interface connector

A pair of fiber-optic connectors that links the fiber media to the FDDI network card or concentrator. The MIC consists of both the MIC plug termination of an optical cable and the MIC receptacle that is joined with the FDDI node.

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MIC Medium interface connector

A connector that is used to link electronics and fiberoptic transmission systems.

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A small radius bend in the optical fiber that changes the angle of incidence, allowing light to pass through the interface rather than reflect off it.
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Microbending loss
The optical power loss due to microscopic bends in the fiber.
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One millionth of a farad. Abbreviated ?F and, less commonly, ?fd, mf, or mfd.
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Also referred to as a micron; one millionth of a meter, often abbreviated with the symbol ?.
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Midsplit broadband
A broadcast network configuration in which the cable is divided into two channels, each using a different range of frequencies. One channel is used to transmit signals and the other is used to receive.
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MII Medium independent interface

Used with 100Mbps Ethernet systems to attach MAClevel hardware to a variety of physical media systems. Similar to the AUI interface used with 10Mbps Ethernet systems. The MII is a 40-pin connection to outboard transceivers or PHY devices.

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Minimum bend radius
A fiber-optic cable manufacturer
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Misalignment loss
The loss of optical power resulting from angular misalignment, lateral displacement, or end separation.
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Modal bandwidth
The bandwidth-limiting characteristic of multimode fiber systems caused by the variable arrival times of various modes.
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Modal dispersion
A type of dispersion or spreading that arises from differences in the amount of time that different modes take to travel through multimode fibers. Modal dispersion potentially can cause parts of a signal to arrive in a different order from the one in which they were transmitted. See also DMD.
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