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Maximum tensile rating
A manufacturer
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Mobile Broadband Network Limited

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MDI Medium dependent interface

Used with Ethernet systems; it is the connector used to make the mechanical and electrical interface between a transceiver and a media segment. An 8-pin RJ-45 connector is the MDI for Ethernet implemented using UTP.

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Mean time between failures (MTBF)
A measurement of how reliable a hardware component is. Usually measured in thousands of hours.
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The BT Ethernet used by MBNL

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Mechanical splice
With respect to fiber-optic cables, a splice in which fibers are joined mechanically (e.g., glued, crimped, or otherwise held in place) but not fused together using heat. Mechanical splice is the opposite of a fusion splice in which the two fiber ends are butted and then joined by permanently bonding the glass end-faces through the softening of the glass, which is fused together.
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Wire, cable, or conductors used for transmission of signals.
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Media access
The process of vying for transmission time on the network media.
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Media filter
An impedance-matching device used to change the impedance of the cable to the expected impedance of the connected device. For example, media filters can be used in Token Ring networks to transform the 100 ohm impedance of UTP cabling to the 150 ohm impedance of media interface connections.
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see G703

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Meridian plane
Any plane that includes or contains the optical axis.
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Meridional ray
A light ray that passes through the axis of an optical fiber.
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Messenger cable
A cable with a strong supporting member attached to it for use in aerial installations. See also figure-8.
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Manual Electrical Tilt is where the antennas electrical tilt can be manually adjusted at the antenna. May be with or without motors.

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Also known as Chrome Plastic.
Usually referring to hoods. Metalised is a painted coating over the plastic giving the appearance of a Metal hood and giving the plastic hood some conductive properties a cheaper alternative to a Metal hood.

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