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More power to your elbow

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The new range of DC-DC Converters by Hughes

Engineers are finding the massive lead times and very limited offer by manufacturers of DC-DC converters specified by networks increasingly difficult to reconcile with project expectations.

The situation causes project completion delays reportedly by as much as 12 weeks. “It's an increasingly difficult mountain to climb,” said one industry spokesperson, “even if you could get the equipment in a timely manner, it’s incapable of handling any future upgrades”.

For those who have been let down by incumbent manufacturers Hughes have developed PowerNet, a 1U, 19” rack-mounted 24V to 48V DC converter that is capable of delivering up to 1kW of power, that's twice the power of the standard 480W of the existing equipment.

With double the power, the super-efficient converter is future-proof, available in much shorter lead-times, and importantly, Hughes technology advances bring PowerNet to the market within the same price range.

Did we mention there is an optional built-in 4-way DC splitter with Molex connectors for direct equipment connections? 

24-48V DC Converter