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Coronavirus hits home

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Coronavirus and Chinese New Year are set to hit Uk infrastructure projects hard.

Normal delays from China side manufacturing during the new year season are set to turn into a tsunami of unprecedented disruption to our UK mobile telecom projects, according to industry insiders.

The Chinese government have banned factories from opening after the traditional holiday date of the 2nd February until at least the 10th February, that alone will cause enormous delays and transit logjams, if the Chinese government extends the ban further then the situation could have a seismic effect on the Chinese economy, the after-shock of which will be felt around the world.

“Virtually all suppliers in the telecoms supply chain rely on China manufacturing, “said Glyn Hughes C.E.O at Hughes Electronics London “With almost the whole of China now under virtual house arrest, flights in and out of China banned and factories on lockdown things are looking grim.

He went on to say “Hughes Electronics are fortunate enough to have a small but effective manufacturing facility here in the UK with some of the best expertise in the world for coax and fibre pre-terminated jumpers, feeders and other products so I hope we will be able to provide our regular customers with enough continuity to escape the worst effects of the crisis when it hits”

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