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Industry favourite gets a makeover

OneWrap is rapidly becoming the industries favoured replacement for weather shrouds and triple taping at external bulkhead connection points, such as antennas and combiners in base stations.

The reason is obvious to anyone who’s used OneWrap, it's retrofittable on fixed bulkheads or cable connections in seconds, no disconnections are required to provide premium weather protection and importantly, OneWrap fits all industry-standard cables and connections, engineers no longer need to carry several different shrouds, OneWrap protects them all.

The secret is in the patented helical guide that ensures its uniformity regardless of the circumference of the connection point. Although OneWrap has been incredibly successful in the field, Hughes has been actively listening to the feedback provided by our partners.

It seems that auditors delighted that they don’t need to decouple the audited connection, simply splay the aperture to access sight of the connection point and forget to redress when they’ve finished. 

To resolve the situation we are deploying a clever solution without compromising any of the features that make OneWrap the go-to solution for protecting external bulkhead connections. The best network approved shroud just got even better.