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X10 (NEX10™), 4.3-10, 7/16, N-type, 2.2-5 and SMA Torque Wrenches

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Hughes break-over torque wrenches are designed to minimise impairment to connections by ensuring accurate mating forces are delivered to transition points when mating RF coaxial connectors.

The unique break-over feature triggers free movement through a 10-degree non-torqueing arc, at the axis of the tool movement to indicate to that desired torque has been reached and assure users of a first-class connection free of over-torque damage.

torque wrenches X10 (NEX10), 4.3-10, 7/16, N-type, 2.2-5, SMA
Hughes break-over wrenches are constructed from tough high quality elevated strength durable phosphate coated chromium molybdenum steel, light weight chromium molybdenum steel wrench heads and from a blue anodized aluminium handle incorporating a stainless steel security loop which may be attached to the users belt or security tether.

Hughes break-over wrenches are available for X10 (NEX10™), 4.3-10, 7/16, N-type, 2.2-5 and SMA connectors with tamper-proof factory configured fixed torque heads


Features and Benefits

  • Laboratory configured torque settings to ISO6789
  • Robust design for continual use
  • Precise torqueing every time
  • Blue anodized aluminium handle with security feature
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment
  • Phosphate coated chromium molybdenum steel wrench head
  • Lightweight, compact slim design
  • Ideal for use in restricted space applications
  • Minimises tool replacement and downtime costs through a long lasting durable design
  • Torque wrench will “break” at the pivot point once torque value force is achieved

Hughes Part NumberDescription
26-RF4H21 Torque Wrench for X10 (NEX10™) Connectors - Break Over 11mm 1.5Nm
26-RF4F21 Torque Wrench for 4.3-10 Connectors - Break Over 22mm 5Nm
26-RF4E21 Torque Wrench for 7/16 Connectors - Break Over 32mm 25Nm
26-RF4D21 Torque Wrench for N-type Connectors - Break Over 19mm 5Nm
26-RF4T21 Torque Wrench for 2.2-5 Connectors - Break Over 16mm 3Nm
26-RF4G21 Torque Wrench for SMA Connectors - Break Over 8mm 0.9Nm

other factory configured fixed torques settings and sizes can be supplied by special order


  •  X10 (NEX10™)4.3-107/16N-type2.2-5SMA
    Design Type Break-Over
    Break-Over Angle 10 Degrees
    Hex Size 11mm 22mm 32mm 19mm 16mm 8mm
    Torque Type Fixed (Pre-Set Torque)
    Torque Setting













    Torque Accuracy Torque Accuracy Manufactured to meet or exceed the accuracy and repeatability requirements of ISO 6789 (±4% of setting)
    Typical accuracy 1 - 2%
    Handle Length 120mm 120mm 160mm 120mm 120mm 120mm
    Handle Diameter 16mm
    Weight 100g 102g 155g 103g 100g 100g
    ISO Standard ISO6789
    Open Wrench Head 42CrMo4 – Low alloy chromium molybdenum steel
    Surface treatment Phosphate coating
    Wrench Handle Aluminium alloy
    Surface treatment Aluminium oxide
    Colour Blue

  • Download PDF  Torque Wrenches specification

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