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Smart Bias Tee 4.3-10 AISG Low Pim

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4.3-10 Smart Bias Tee

Used to connect an AISG controller to antenna line devices (ALDs) using the feeder line, the series developed by Hughes Electronics leads the market in PIM performance.

Smart Bias Tee 43.10 AISG RET Compact Hughes Low PIM 7/16 also available

Hughes Electronics developed a series of Low PIM (≤-160dBc) AISG Smart Bias-Tee’s with 4.3-10 connectivity and IP67 rating. Leading the market in performance, their compact design is especially appreciated in applications where space is at a premium. 7/16 (DIN) connectivity is also available upon request.

What is a Bias Tee?

In the past, connecting AISG controllers to ALDs (Antenna Line Devices) required a discrete data cable, but this results in added installation costs and higher tower leases. Because modern base station radios have integrated AISG controllers, the AISG signal can be combined directly onto the main RF feeder line. 

Hughes' AISG Smart Bias Tee facilitates the link between the feeder line and ALDs discarding the long AISG data cable run of a cell site tower by digitally injecting (or piggy-backing) power and RET control signals onto an existing RF feeder cable run.

In Passive technology, it’s the details that matter, Hughes pay attention to those details!

Features and Benefits

  • Low PIM
  • 4.3-10 Connectivity
  • Small form factor fits easily into compact spaces
  • Rated IP67
  • Compliant with AISG Protocol Specification version 2.0

Hughes Part NumberDescription
35-SBTA0001 Smart Bias Tee AISG 4.3-10 Low Pim
35-SBTA0002* Smart Bias Tee AISG 7/16 Low Pim*

Available upon special order

  • Electrical Specification
    Frequency Range 698-2700MHz
    Insertion Loss (Port1-Port2) ≤0.1dB (698-960M//1710-2690M)
    Isolation ≥70dB
    VSWR ≤1.15
    Impedance 50Ω
    Size 70 x 56 x 73.8mm
    Intermodulation ≤-160dBc
    Power Consumption Typically 0.6W
    Mechanical Specification
    Lightning Protection 3kA,10/350 us pulse
    Connector 1

    4.3-10 Male*

    Connector 2 4.3-10 Female*
    Connector - AISG

    8 Pin Connector Female

    Application Outdoor/Indoor (IP67)
    Size including connectors


    Weight 0.65kg
    Temperature Range

    -40; +65℃

    Available upon special order


  • Download PDF 35-SBTA001 - SMART BIAS-TEE AISG 4.3-10 LOW PIM