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NEX10® compatible interface X10® is the latest connector product offering by the Hughes Electronics development group tasked with providing advanced solutions for the telecommunications industry in the fight against PIM.

Hughes Electronics were the first company to recognise that a key to Pim mitigation is to separate the mechanical and electrical contact areas in connectors and have built that design feature into X10® the latest connector offering.

X10® is optimised for ¼ “cable to offer very low PIM performance and high return loss together with size efficiency especially for use with the latest MIMO and small cell equipment where space can be a challenge. The discrete screw thread coupling mechanism of X10® provides a remarkably low torque requirement to simplify installation, at the same time ensuring very high electrical performance.

X10® products available from Hughes include:

  • Low PIM Jumper leads,
  • Connectors
  • Adaptors
  • Weather protection boots
  • Torque wrenches

X10® Features:

  • Resilient, robust and reliable
  • Low PIM
  • Excellent return loss
  • Compact
  • Operating frequency up to 20 GHz

Designed For interconnections in:

  • Very large Multiple antennae systems (Massive MIMO),
  • Remote radios,
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS),
  • Small Cells
  • Challenging space requirements

NEX10® is a trademark of Huber + Suhner, Radiall, Rosenberger