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Don’t Dump Obsolete Jumper Leads - Re-Terminate!

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That’s the message from Hughes Electronics who have recently started to offer the service to clients.

"The age of 4.3-10 connections is now upon us" says Chantha, Senior Account Manager at Hughes Electronics, “We are finding that companies are reluctant to hold stocks or forward order (jumpers) for fear that they get caught out holding jumpers with 7/16 terminations they can’t use when the transition to 4.3-10 happens and I think that’s pretty sensible."


"But,”  Chantha went on to say “our new service will come to the rescue of those companies caught out, we have been making fast turn-around bespoke jumpers for selected clients for some time so it makes sense to widen the service offering”.

Greg Rymar says "Manufacturing high quality jumper leads with metal connectors is a specialist job. Solder joints are particularly vulnerable to generating PIM*, but here at Hughes we use our own unique silver based solder formula developed through our connector based PIM R&D program." Greg goes on to say "we are the only company in the UK, that I know of, (manufacturing jumper leads) who have the specialist equipment such as inductive soldering and moulding machines together with Hughes' exceptional signal processing and PIM mitigation skills who can offer this service at advanced level."

*Read our Connector Related PIM White Paper