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Dispersion shifted fiber
A single-mode fiber that has its zero dispersion wavelength at 1550nm, which corresponds to one of the fiber
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Dispersion unshifted fiber
A single-mode optical-fiber cable that has its zero dispersion wavelength at 1300nm. Often called conventional or unshifted fiber.
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Any undesired change in a waveform or signal.
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Distortion-limited operation
In fiber-optic cable, the limiting of performance because of the distortion of a signal.
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Distributed feedback (DFB) laser
A semiconductor laser specially designed to produce a narrow spectral output for long-distance fiber optic communications.
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Distribution cable
An optical fiber cable used
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Distribution subsystem
A basic element of a structured distribution system. The distribution subsystem is responsible for terminating equipment and running the cables between equipment and cross connects. Also called distribution frame subsystem.
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Disturbed pair
A pair in a UTP cable that has been disturbed by some source of noise during cable testing.
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DIX Connector
Digital, Intel, Xerox (DIX) connector used to connect thinnet cables and networks.
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DoD Networking Model
The Department of Defense
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Impurities that are deliberately introduced into the materials used to make optical fibers. Dopants are used to control the refractive index of the material for use in the core or the cladding.
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Orange street cabinet

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Drain wire
An uninsulated wire in contact with a shielded cable
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A single length of cable installed between two points.
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Dry nonpolish connector (DNP)
Optical fiber connector used for POF (plastic optical fiber).
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