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Hughes’ ingenious power and fibre distribution box is ready to roll

OneBox is the industry’s only distribution box that provides true black box, plug-and-play functionality, it reduces installation time by 80% and makes hybrid or separate fibre and DC installation error-free.

Watch the full Fibre Distribution System Video!


One Box adapts to any kind of cable system, it’s stomp-proof, weatherproof, dustproof, and it’s UV and corrosion-resistant and most importantly, it’s completely hassle-free, no screws to lose, no doors to fall off and no tools to drop - just plug and play.

OneBox is a combi-cable distribution box that’s Customisable for 3, 6 or 10 RRU’s and incorporates Hughes’ foolproof advanced “Rapid Lock” H-MOD connections, for secure failure-free connections every time.


H-MODJ connections deliver 40A of power and 2 fibre pairs per jumper output with the option of a spare fibre pair for future upgrade and continuity back up while H-MODP connections deliver up to 400A feeder power input to Onebox.

Up to 10 pairs of failure-free weatherproof DC connections, can be made in seconds with One box’s “Rapid Lock” connection, integrating a foolproof “positive click” feedback feature when the connection to OneBox is secure. Fibre input is supplied by up to 2 x 12 pair MPO weatherproof twist-on connections.

In addition, the advantageous distribution box incorporates a separate functional earth*, shielding continuity and built-in blanking caps to address major issues present in existing systems.

Each part is carefully designed for maximum performance, durability and ease of use. The system is ready and Hughes hope to find partners beginning of Q1 2020.

*One box comes with the option of an external functional earth connection point to bring functional earth serviceability to legacy equipment where no functional earth exists.

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