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Flexicore DC cable

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All the benefits of armoured cable but without the stiff inner cores!

Hughes latest product offering gives you all the benefits of armoured cable but without the hassle of the stiff inner cores which can be difficult to terminate. Designed especially with Fibre base stations in mind, Flexicore cable provides an improvement to the user experience of SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) DC cable, especially in unsympathetic environments.

Joe Drinkwater, Consultant Account Executive at Hughes, takes up the story; ‘In late 2016 we (Hughes) became involved in Fibre trials with Huawei. The ASAP involved reported that the specified SWA cable was very difficult to work with due to the stiffness of the inner cores which consequently increased installation time. We solved the problem easily by creating a hybrid SWA cable incorporating flexible Tri Rated cores’

Joe went on ‘It’s another example of how Hughes can rapidly solve problems and make things better, even in small quantity and prototype situations. In this case 2km of wire was all that was required to get this project moving in the right direction’ For more details on Flexicore DC Cable call Chantha or Joe at Hughes Electronics on 0207 378 1400