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Mains Powered 3amp USB 2.0 Rapid Charging Hubs

A device that could spell the end of a thorny problem -too many mobile device chargers and not enough power sockets!

It looks like another innovation success for the Hughes Electronics R&D team – A 3 amp rapid charging USB 2.0 Hub powered directly from any voltage mains supply.


The new design incorporates its own universal power supply that can transform 110-240 mains voltage and deliver up to 3 amps to two on board USB charging ports.

 The new design can come as a standalone unit or be incorporated into any mains supplied devices such as mains sockets, desktop coalition units, trailing sockets or even everyday items like table lamps and telephones.

Greg Rymar head of product development said  ‘Unlike other 3 amp charging devices our  USB 2.0 Rapid Charging hub does not require an external power supply’ he went on to say ‘we can reconfigure it to incorporate as many USB ports as are required and  in virtually any mains supplied product  with enough space so it’s pretty flexible ’.

Chantha Ung head of sales said ‘we hope this new innovation will mark the end of the days when all our mains sockets are used up with endless charging devices’.

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