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A connecting block that is designed to accommodate higher densities of connectors and to support higherfrequency applications. The 110-blocks are found on patch panels and cross-connect blocks for data applications.


Shortcut for describing basic ISDN service (2B+D = two bearer channels and one data channel, which indicates two 64Kbps channels and one 16Kbps channel used for link management).


Signal encoding method used in 100Base-TX/FX Fast Ethernet and FDDI standards. Four-bit binary values are encoded into 5-bit symbols.

5-4-3 Rule

A rule that mandates that between any two nodes on the network, there can only be a maximum of five segments,connected through four repeaters, or concentrators,and only three of the five segments may contain user connections.

50-pin connector

Commonly referred to as a telco, CHAMP, or blue ribbon connector. Commonly found on telephone switches,66-blocks, 110-blocks, and 10Base-T Ethernet hubs and used as an alternate twisted-pair segment connection method. The 50-pin connector connects to 25-pair cables, which are frequently used in telephone wiring systems and typically meet Category 3. Some manufacturers also make Category 5e –rated cables and connectors.