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RET Pull & Protect Caps

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Hughes RET PULL is a multi functional waterproof cap with handy hoist bar.

Ret Pulls make easy work of pulling RET cables through structures of all types.

Simply attach your hoist wire or chord to the handy hoist bar and guide it through your structure with ease.

RET Pull and Protect Caps minProtect your Ports

Most Ret problems in the Network stem from weathered Antennae ports.

Keep your RET ports in pristine condition by leaving a RET Pull in place on unconnected expansion ports.

RET ports min
RET ports protected min

Features and Benefits

  • Easily fitted (no tools needed)
  • Rugged construction
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof

Ret Pulls are designed with Silicon water tight seal for total port protection and available in Polypropylene for one time or occasional use or Nickel plated brass for heavy use.

RETpull mix min

Hughes Part NumberDescription
07-95012112 07-95011112 Ip68 Plastic RET Pull Caps
07-95012122 07-95011122 Ip68 Metal RET Pull Caps