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Sticky problem solved

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Pure Genius – Tuff Tape - the tape that stays where it’s put!

If recalls for re-taping exterior connections are costing valuable time and money, you may be glad to discover another inspired product from Hughes Electronics designed especially to solve exactly that problem.

Improved design on AISG Remote Electrical Tilt cables

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Tight Spots? No Sweat for Hughes Ret’s

Hughes RET control cables are especially designed for harsh environments and the challenges of modern day base station design. As more and more cables populate cellular antennae environments, cables are required to take ever more arduous routes, tighter bending radius’ place higher stresses on mechanical connection points and ingress resistance. Working space for riggers becomes more and more restricted too and the difficulty level of installation undoubtedly takes its toll on best practices adding to problems.

Hughes Cellular product range for Q2 2014

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Our business stream includes the seamless design and development process and the J.I.T. supply of cables, connectors, pre-terminated channels, cross connects, jumper leads, looms and kits including passive inter-media modulation products, we can also provide turnkey integration.

A small example of our range of Cellular products are listed here.

Hughes Telco product range

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Hughes Telco connectors are suited for use in all areas of the telecommunications industry, data signalling, test equipment, business machines, telemetering, and the security industry.

The 50 Pin ( 25Pair) Telco connectors are also known in the industry as ‘RJ21', ‘BT226' or Amphenol connectors.

Type 20 HDC43 DDF Balun

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Hughes Electronics are proud to announce a new performance standard in 75ohm to 120ohm impedance matching baluns which supplement our extensive range of G703 BNC dual balun's, Balun panels, Mini Baluns and Balun Cable Assemblies.

The Type 20 HDC43 DDF Baluns fit into DDF frames and B2 Blocks, extensively used in Telecom applications.

Advanced RJ45 Cat6a shielded Plug

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Hughes Electronics new Cat6a copper alloy shielded plugs are ergonomically designed to provide the absolute ultimate in performance.

Successful Cat6a terminations are guaranteed every time with our unique four part design.