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Teamwork makes the Dream Work

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.

But once more two stars of the Hughes Electronics show must take a bow.


Not for the first time overnight couriers Fedex didn’t pick up; their ‘hub’ 1.5 hrs away and with at least one crucial delivery, Jackie Wang, Hughes’s intrepid Sales Manager, and Logistician Bradly Middleton swang into action to ensure legendary Hughes service levels remained uncompromised.

The ‘Wires’ ran hot for at least an hour until Fedex finally took slippers off and (no doubt hoping we wouldn’t stay) agreed a pick up circa 7pm. Unfortunately for them Bradley agreed to wait all night if he must. Then Jackie, not prepared to trust in ‘flaky promises’ took our service to the next level when he opted to ferry the ‘crucial’ package to a more local TNT depot to ensure that it was consigned before the 8pm cut off.

Jackie picks up the story; "When I got to the local TNT depot, they hadn’t recorded my telephone booking, it took me 10 mins. of arguing just to get in! Another age of watching 4 people drink tea and cutoff time looming I finally asked if I could fill out the manual docket notes myself and got the parcel consigned 2 minutes before cut off time."

Fedex did arrive way after time and Jackie and Bradley both arrived home hours later after 'just another day at the office' Hughes clients received their consignment and we all salute our heroes of the day.