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Old Balun - New Tricks

Hughes Electronics re-design dual g.703 balun for added versatility!

Hughes Electronics have improved their dual balun offering to include front and rear bulkhead mounting. The already versatile design, a beautifully compact balun designed to convert 75 ohm unbalanced coaxial signal to 120 ohm balanced twisted pairs, could previously be mounted to 19’’ rack panels and bulkheads via integral coaxial connectors or deployed inline.

Panel mounted dual g703 balun 75 ohm BNC to 120 ohm RJ45


The redesign makes it possible to mount from the RJ45 side too allowing either RJ45 or coaxial presentations on the front.

Glyn Hughes Managing Director of Hughes said ‘’we (Hughes) like to listen to good ideas and this is no exception - our clients spoke, we listened – and another great product was made even better’’ he continued ‘’the product is for use in all g.703 and LTE environments and can be supplied individually or rack mounted’’