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Hughes Electronics are a centre of excellence in design and manufacture of passive communication products.
Our business stream includes the design, development and  J.I.T. supply of Cables, Connectors, Pre-Terminated Cables, Jumper Cables, Patch Leads and Cabling Looms including inter-media modulation Balun products. Hughes can also provide Product Kitting and Turnkey Integration Services.

Our connectivity systems include Coaxial, UTP, STP/SFTP Telecommunication and LAN Cables and Connectors, including complex Cross Media Baluns, Power Splitters and performance critical products deployed in the most demanding terrestrial and Cellular Networks.

Cutting edge research and development programmes such as "e.Power"; a sustainable energy and communications superstructure and the "WaveWay"; an Ultra Low PIM connector series for 4G and Future Generation Networks have set Hughes apart and have led to step changes in Connector and Cable design.

Leading The Way in Passive Interface Modulation (P.I.M) Mitigation

Most passive communication products were designed many years ago, by reviewing your channel and applying latest technology Hughes Electronics can provide you with greater performance and cost efficiency. Our extensive expertise in physical and electrical characteristics of communication signal processing combined with granular to global expertise in product and Network design combine to make Hughes the force in PIM reduction techniques and increased data flow.

What's needed, When it's needed, Where it's needed,with Legendary Customer Care

A combination of better quality, better expertise, better mobility, better cost efficiency and best in class customer care make Hughes the supply chain partner of choice for clients who really mean business.

Where Magic Happens

At Hughes Electronics we really want to 'make things better' - get user friendly expert advice, help in achieving maximum value from your product and budget or design and manufacture a whole new connectivity system – if you can imagine it we can create it. Please take a look at our Case Histories