Improved test facility

Improved test facility

Hughes Electronics take delivery of new lab equipment.


Hughes Electronics have taken delivery of new Laboratory equipment that beefs up existing test capabilities.

The additional equipment allows in House component level testing of Data Cables and Components at up to 900Mhz and Balun components up to 100 Mhz.

“Hughes Electronics are one of only a handful of suppliers in the UK that can carry out component level testing” said Greg Rymar technical project officer “ the bandwidths that we can now approach make us a leading light in this area” he added.

Jackie Wang, Account Executive at Hughes Electronics said “ There is so much unqualified product coming out of China now, especially at the high frequency levels that it is important that UK companies know exactly what they are getting” he went on to say “whilst our own clients have always had the comfort of knowing that all the products supplied by Hughes meet component level standards I have identified a real need in the market for a test service to other suppliers and their customers where the voracity of product claims has been brought into question and I intend to launch a testing service for them”