Quad g.703 balun cables are a hit in National LTE advanced (4G) sites

Quad g.703 balun cables are a hit in National LTE advanced (4G) sites

Quad g.703 balun cable assemblies, another Hughes design innovation for Wireless base stations, reduce cost and provide better performance!

Hughes Electronics remarkable track record for taking out cost whilst increasing performance is clearly demonstrated once again in this high performance balun product.

Hydra cables consisting of four coaxial mini baluns to one RJ45 connector are designed to connect coaxial outputs from MUX (multiplexer) equipment to the E1 network and replace balun panels entirely, saving installation time and cost yet provide better bandwidth performance.

Chris Spillman, newly appointed sales manager at Hughes Electronics said “the 4G industry has received our balun cables very well, (LTE) advanced is rolling out all over the UK, Europe and the USA and this innovative four limb hydra balun lead from Hughes saves time and money for providers” he went on to say “less cost plus better performance - it’s a gem of a product I feel lucky to have it in my portfolio”.

Greg Rymar R&D manager at Hughes went on to say “Our quad hydra balun cable solution delivers more bandwidth within the channel segment because there are fewer transition (connection) points and that’s where the (dB) losses occur, by halving the number of transition points we halve the potential losses associated with connectors, moreover we are the only company in the world that I know who include crosstalk tests and guaranteed performance, our balun cables sit very happily in all environments up to and including E3 environments where they easily meet and exceed 34Mbps requirements”.

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