Individual G.703 Balun and Balun cables

Individual G.703 Balun and Balun cables


Hughes Electronics are proud to announce a new performance standard in 75ohm to 120ohm individual impedance matching baluns and balun cable harnesses which supplement our extensive range of G703 dual balun’s and dual balun panels.


Hughes individual balun connectors and cable harnesses have been developed specifically for LTE advanced (e.utra) and Wimax advanced (IEEE 802.16m) applications .


The new baluns deploy brand new IDC connections that ensure a gas tight fit for stranded cables, reducing insertion losses at the connection point, plus an innovatively designed ferule that stabilises pitching on twisted pair cable and decreased core tolerances to help provide unprecedented performance.

Performance testing has been improved too; by incorporating the analysis cableof NEXT (Near End XTalk) and FEXT (Far End XTalk)in our impedance matching cable assemblies Hughes Electronics set a new pass/fail benchmark compared to the rest of the industry, who deploy only standard ITU-T prescribed pulse testing.

Hughes Electronics lead the industry in understanding the major impact of ‘noise’ factor losses resulting from poor NEXT and FEXT performance at channel level. Every impedance matching balun assembly that leaves the Hughes production line is tested and guaranteed to provide E.1 maximum losses of 48.6db at 8mghz through to 25db at 140Mghz for E3. Clients deploying Hughes Electronics balun products can now confidently meet Cat 5 and Cat 6 data bandwidth standards in these critical areas of performance.

 Click here to see an example performance test result.